BI Academy is a new business school that incessantly innovates to meet the needs of students, employers, employees, businesses and the society as a whole in a world that is constantly evolving. More than a business school, BI Academy is a diverse and dynamic network that nurtures and brings about an innovative interaction for talent from all around the world.
In addition to providing a very adequate and formalized means of learning with the help of our well laid out courses – in modules, the academy also enables online tutorage in order to maintain and keep up with the rapid advancement in technology and learning system at large.
Learning, they say is never over or enough as no matter how much knowledge you have, you always strive to attain more, strive to improve and get better…or for better opportunities at most.

According to Harvard, learning is a learned behaviour.

In as much as people tend to believe that the ability to learn is a matter of intelligence; you’re either born a learner or not and so, people tend to approach the “field of learning” with little to no focus at all.

Research has it that “learners are made, not born” and Professor Robert Hamwee of Hult International Business School, USA has it that practice doesn’t make perfect but “good practice” does.
It provides an avenue of growth for basically anyone as our programs are willed to promote diversity amongst all.
BI Academy is a school that intermittently spikes to give room for innovative partnerships; which is a major stage setting for success – with a range of courses articulatly structured for students, employers/employees as well as the society at large.
We believe every individual has a passion; which they have already planned out/thought through, or not be aware of it yet or may even not know how passionate they are about it…but definitely it’s there and it’s real.
Purpose they say is an essential element of everyone and crosses discipline. We love that everyone – or maybe not everyone is aware that they have a purpose and our learning system is set to professionally unravel the passion and purpose of our students (yes, everyone is a student) through our carefully formulated courses.. Get in touch Now

Over time, we have built a reputation for Reliability, Creativity, Efficient Time Management and Customer Service. Our design hallmark has portrayed Comfort, Safety, Creativity, Ideas, Durability, Design, Timeliness, Precision and Beauty as we believe spaces should not just house people or things but tell stories, inspire and build relationships.


At BI Academy, we strive to be the foremost centre for learning and advancement through the development, creation and transformation of individuals from all sectors in order to foster innovation, creativity, dynamism, culture and professionalism.
We aim to impact positively on individuals and organisations and create leaders out of them in order to foster societal wellbeing and community success.

Asides our course modules et al., you’ll learn more about yourself, your capabilities, develop skills, build communities, find connections, and all these in a safe, conducive and secure learning environment

Our design concept and process are reliable, efficient and super creative!