BI Designs is an interior design company focused at providing creative designs and innovative solutions to both residential and commercial spaces.
From discovering your personal style and preferences to bringing to the fore your unique taste and personality, we make sure your space is not just aesthetically pleasing, but also a reflection of you.
We believe in creating unique and personalized spaces that shows off your taste, personality and lifestyle which can make your guests feel welcome and maybe a little jealous.In addition to providing a very adequate and formalized means of learning with the help of our well laid out courses – in modules, the academy also enables online tutorage in order to maintain and keep up with the rapid advancement in technology and learning system at large.
Learning, they say is never over or enough as no matter how much knowledge you have, you always strive to attain more, strive to improve and get better…or for better opportunities at most.

What We Do

At BI designs, we want to share your inspiration, design intent, project scope and budget before our experienced team gets to work.

While we work closely with you, we keenly take into cognizance your project specifications while providing updates by sending briefs and concept presentations so you get a scope on our idea for your project.

We liaise with suppliers and vendors to secure the best trade prices, place orders, manage the budget and keep you updated on the journey while ensuring we keep to timelines and depict transparency. Get in touch Now

Procurement & Project Management

BI Designs provides a variety of products and we will guide you through your selection process. Our manufacturing and project team caters to the manufacturing, consolidation and coordination of the product.
BI Designs takes full responsibility for your project and handles all logistics on your behalf, so you can focus on other things that matter to you. Our project management team acts as an extension of you, owning all aspects including masterworks integration, FF&E (furniture, fixtures and equipment) programs, & production progress.We aim to impact positively on individuals and organisations and create leaders out of them in order to foster societal wellbeing and community success.

Asides our course modules et al., you’ll learn more about yourself, your capabilities, develop skills, build communities, find connections, and all these in a safe, conducive and secure learning environment


Value Offering

Our valued services include but not limited to;

• Project Management
• Facelifts/Renovation and Remodeling
• Design Development
• Space Planning
• Interior Styling
• Event Design and Supplies

Who We Are

BI Design has been in the business of design consultancy since her incorporation for over 13 years. She has created a hallmark in the interior design industry portraying comfort, safety, creativity, ideas, durability, design, timeliness, precision and beauty. We have also created stories around these that have inspired people and built relationships.