BI Furniture is a manufacturing company that designs and sells living room, kitchen, dining, bedroom, outdoor, accent furniture and decor pieces.

With a wide array of experience, knowledge and confidence, BI Furniture has rapidly gained an enviable reputation for its quality, contemporary and stunning designs.

We design all furniture in-house and our experts work to create and develop some of the highest quality luxury pieces you will ever find. Our team of professionals – Design Specialists carry out property access checks and measurement services to ensure bespoke pieces are made to measure.

We also have customized plans that give customers the option to order CAD technical drawings only with an additional cost.

Who we are

Our furniture pieces are handcrafted, well outlined and properly detailed to ensure its longevity and resistance. Also, our handy-men are skilled with a lifetime experience in furniture making. That is why we are both gladdened and confident to provide our customers with a 10-year construction guarantee!

Our Team are very well skilled, have a very keen eye for detail and gifted hands to work with a variety of fabrics of different strengths, thicknesses and patterns having had a total of 30 years of experience in the field.

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Our design concept and process are reliable, efficient and super creative!